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Student Directory Information

The Waynoka School District will maintain and release “directory information” without the parent’s prior written consent, unless the parent - or student if over 18 - informs the district that any or all of the following information should not be released without prior consent.

 The following information is designated as “directory information”.

            ˜Student’s name, address, telephone listing, and date and place of birth;

            ˜Parent or lawful custodian’s name, address, and telephone listing;

˜           Major field of study and grade level classification (example: elementary, 7th grade, sophomore);

            ˜Student’s participation in officially recognized activities and sports;

            ˜Weight and height of members of athletic teams;

            ˜Dates of attendance, dates of enrollment, withdrawal, re-entry;

            ˜Diplomas, certificates, awards, and honors received;

            ˜Most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student.

 Each year the Waynoka school district will give public notice of the categories of information which it considers directory information regarding students in the district.  The school will allow ten days from date of such public notice for parents to inform the superintendent in writing of specific directory information pertaining to such students that should not be released without prior consent of the parent, legal custodian, or the student if over the age of eighteen.  If no objection is received within ten days of the official notification, the information will be classified as directory information until the beginning of the next school year